The 3 Keys to Turning a Vicious Cycle Victorious


We all go through a season where we’re not at our best at some point in our lives. Times where everything seems to be going wrong. There is a major distinction between not being at our best and when we’re at our worst in a Vicious Cycle. Have you experienced the torment of this reoccurring circle, where you under-performed, didn’t catch any breaks, and made mistakes at the worst times? Where each step you took forward felt like it was followed by several steps back? Where a virus in your subconscious mind kept running a faulty program repeatedly. You’d reflect on how it used to be when you weren’t caught up in this cycle. Or maybe you know a vicious cycle that you’ve been stuck in your entire life? In this place you may ask yourself, how did I get here? But a more important question needs to follow.

How do I turned this around?




“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

No matter how it appears on the surface, you must believe that change is possible. If you don’t feel you can transform your Vicious Cycle into a Victorious Cycle then it won’t happen. A Vicious Cycle is a parasite, and it will take all of your focus to remove it. Deep in the darkness of this rut, it may be hard for you to imagine a life of victory. So reflect on the times in your life when you were knocked down and got back up. Use these experiences as flint to light the fire of belief. Vicious Cycles rely on negative thoughts to corrupt your mentality and maintain a status-quo. Be intentional in filtering out the thoughts that disarm you, and instead fortify yourself by internalizing the truth that it’s possible to thrive. Purify your psychology with belief in yourself. If you can’t perceive it’s possible for you to live victorious, at least acknowledge the fact that it’s in the realm of possibility. Lay the foundation for change by believing a Vicious Cycle is not the only way it has to be.




“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

Greatness begins with a decision. When I say making a decision as the second key I do not mean just setting a goal. I am referring to a wholehearted declaration of how your life is going to be. This decisive intensity is what is necessary to channel a new quality of life into your reality. It cannot just be a tentative mental wish that is void of energy and doesn’t have the endorsement of your entire being. At the same time it cannot just be all emotion and no rational thought. A balance between a focused mind and a emotionally charged being is what will make your decision permanent. This decision can come about in various ways, but what is important is that it is organic, authentic, and that it happens. It can be born through absolute disgust of your situation which sparks the decision. Or it can come about from a burning desire to achieve your destiny. The decision can manifest differently for everyone, but it all ends the same, by boldly putting your foot down and ending the Vicious Cycle.




“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Once you are empowered with your compelling decision and the momentum of the Vicious Cycle has ceased, it is time to change direction. It’s in this crucial time where either the Vicious Cycle will again continue or the Victorious Cycle will commence. If you really want to to start the latter then your decision needs to be followed by action. There’s no way around it. If you are serious about living in a Victorious Cycle then you need to take steps towards it. A coach of mine always told me to “never leave the setting of a goal without first taking immediate action.” The more action you take the better. Even if it is something small do it because progress breeds more progress. One foot in front of the other. If it’s just cleaning a messy house, clean it. If your house is horribly messy then just start with one area like the dishes. You don’t eat a pizza whole, you cut it up in slices for strategic consumption. Life is the same way. You’ll be surprised at the impact even a little action can make.


The problem with Vicious Cycles is that they cloud our vision and try to take over our identity. On some level you have identified with your Vicious Cycle and it’s time to disengage. When we resist falling into despair, the truth will become apparent that there is a way out! Once we believe we can live victorious we need to decide to live victorious. If productive action follows your decision things will begin to change. It all comes down to momentum. If you put a small iron bar in front of the train while it’s stationary it will never start, but once it’s at full speed it can breakthrough a brick wall. There is power in momentum. The Vicious Cycle initially began with just a few let downs or mistakes and then more wrong actions were taken to build its momentum. Once you stop that pattern from operating in your life you need to remain consistent and start a new one. Continue believing and aligning your decision with actions to allow the Victorious Cycle to become the normal standard of your life. Choose to fight for a Victorious Cycle in your life because it will take you to the top of the mountain.



Even if you fall, Activate Your All.


9 thoughts on “The 3 Keys to Turning a Vicious Cycle Victorious

  1. My favorite sentence here is “If you don’t feel you can transform your vicious cycle into a victorious cycle then it won’t happen.”

    This is really important, to believe in oneself. The attitude of a person in their circumstances makes a HUGE difference.

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