Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? The New Perspective You Need to Hear!


Once upon a time this cliché was a profound question. If a glass is filled exactly to the middle, is it half empty or is it half full?

To us who’ve heard the question we know the answer. It has to be half full because we need positive thinking, right?


And before everyone starts a riot, let me clarify that half empty isn’t the answer either.

So if the glass isn’t half empty or half full, what’s the answer to the question?


There is a need for positive thinking, but there is arguably a greater need for practical action.

We need to use discernment to either drink what’s in our cup or spill it out. If you find a half filled glass in your life isn’t it better to finish what you start, not wasting time philosophizing about its emptiness?

Analysis Paralysis has kept many from Success.

Analysis is essential in making the right move, but when the focus remains on low priorities, preventing us from taking action on what’s important, then isn’t there a problem? Constantly questioning how much liquid is left in a glass is irrelevant and it’s asking the wrong question.

Many of us dabble in things, starting but never finishing. Taking a few sips and walking away, leaving the glass to take up space. If we are crippled by Analysis Paralysis we are stagnant. Stagnation doesn’t lead to Success. In my life, there have been many seasons of stagnation where I was overwhelmed by my table being crowded with half-filled glasses through neglect

The half filled glasses of a project to complete, a person I needed to get back to, books that I didn’t yet finish, and the like. The overbearing list of to-dos loomed over me and drained my energy. I found myself all over the place, bombarded by tasks. The only way I rebounded was by finishing the glasses, and reorganizing my table of life.

Successful people drink one glass at a time. They don’t dilute their focus with multiple drinks at their table. They go all-the-way with one glass until its complete. Not going half way with many. We need to know exactly what we want, understand what’s in our cups, and commit until it’s finished.


Take the time to recognize what things in your life need to be completed. If the drink was never meant for you or has spoiled, pour it out. For the rest of them, whether you like the taste of it or not, finish drinking from these cups.

Sometimes life and other people will give you cups. If left unfinished they will disorganize your situation. Here is a guide on what to do when you’re given or have gotten a new glass:

  1. EVALUATE WITH ALL YOUR SENSES. What does it look like, what is its aroma? If someone gave you this cup listen to what was said about it. Is it trustworthy? Ensure this glass isn’t poisonous.
  2. TASTE IT. There is no substitute for action. Theory cannot give you everything. Try it for yourself and find out if it is for you.
  3. MAKE A DECISION. Decide if you will drink this or not. If it is nutritious, drink it to your benefit. If it’s unhealthy, waste no time pouring it out. .
  4. DRINK OR POUR. Follow through with your decision.
  5. REFILL. Only when you finish your cup can get you get a refill or a new drink.

Gather your symbolic cups today. Finish them. Claim your refill. Be refreshed.



Even if you fall, Activate Your All.



18 thoughts on “Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? The New Perspective You Need to Hear!

  1. Your posts are so thought-provoking.

    I feel I have the Analysis Paralysis you speak of here. I just overthink a lot and I feel like I have so much to do. It’s difficult for me to focus on one thing, but I do try. Blogging is actually one form of releasing my thoughts and helping make sense of the racing ideas in my head.

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  2. Like Liz said, very thought-provoking posts. I’ve never thought about this popular saying that way until now. That’s very true, it’s better to just drink what’s left than think about whether it’s half full or half empty. Finishing what we start is something a lot of people struggle with for sure!

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    • Thanks Jake for your feedback. I am happy you found value in this distinction. Often times I feel breakthroughs occur not just from new information, but a greater understanding of what’s already known.

      I would highly recommend that you reach out to Liz if you haven’t already. She and you both have intelligent minds and a desire to impact others. I feel that a connection would be valuable for both of you!

      Thanks again Jake, all the best.

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  3. This is great out-of-the-box thinking! All my life I always have a ready answer to that question. Your’s is more contemporary and apparently practical. Analysis paralysis is truly a disease that inflicts most of us nowadays. We don’t delve into the hearts of things anymore; we just dealt things on the surface level.

    This is a refreshing post. Awesome!

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    • Yes Andrei, you got it my brother, most of society swims in the shallow end. With the rigorous grind of life sometimes we need a disruption to snap us out of mental mediocrity. I hope this post helped with that. Thanks for you feedback Andrei.


  4. “A greater understanding of what’s already known” well said! I’ll be sure to hop on over to her site and check her out, like you said it seems we share similar ideas.

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      • Liz it is my pleasure. There is power in community, there is strength in people on the same mission.

        The Activate Your All brand lives to add value to as many people as possible. It’s is a blessing to connect with Daily Warriors. Through your kind demeanor I knew you would appreciate connecting with Jake and I felt both you and Jake would get value from each other. You and Jake both have sharp minds and a spirit of service.

        I believe true fulfillment comes in adding value to people whenever you see the opportunity and its in your power to do so. Stay tuned because that is the topic of my next post. It is a concept I feel you and Jake will both be able to relate to. You inspire me Liz, Stay Strong.

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  5. A very thought provoking post, it is often assumed one must answer either half full or half empty, I’ve never come across anyone portraying it the way you have done Activate. Thank you for sharing and keep writing.

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